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About Us


Chelsea Bun started in 2020, while we were going through a tough, lengthy IVF process and were looking at quality baby products that weren’t run of the mill, could serve many needs at one time, and didn’t cost the earth… but we just couldn’t find them.


We began with our playgyms, and on realizing that beautifully simple (and simply beautiful) handcrafted items could help improve cognitive development in tiny tots (and adults too!), we were filled with such excitement that we started making them for our friends, and without realizing it, Chelsea Bun was born.


We saw a need for quality products that were beautiful, functional, sustainable, and at the same time economical: new parents are faced with so many purchase options for their little ones, and it is natural to want only the best for your baby - we firmly believe that if if a product cannot do multiple things for you, it is not worth your hard earned money.


We know how many choices you are faced with every day - that’s why we hope that when you arrive at Chelsea Bun, we can help you simplify your choices to the essentials that will give you incredible value for money and great quality, whilst helping you to cut out unnecessary spending and waste.




We stock on the finest dummies/pacifers on the market. Our teething products are carefully designed and tested to be both beautiful and functional, and use only certified, regulated and sustainable wood and silicone.

Child health and safety  are our primary concern: absolutely all of our products are free from plastic, BPA’s, lead, mercury, phlathates or any other nasty chemicals.

We never use unregulated materials, and all our silicone and wood are put through the most stringent testing and certification processes.



•    Child development and early education is of huge priority to us - the first seven years of your little one’s life form the adults they become, so all our toys are focused on developing young minds to their fullest potential.



•    Our products all have you baby first and foremost in mind. Each and every one of our products is designed to help your little one reach developmental milestones early, and serve to increase a baby’s feeling of safety, security and comfort, which in turn encourage both high IQ’s and EQ’s, giving your baby the best possible headstart in life.

•    Like your little one, we never stop learning, we never stop researching, and never stop actively trying to improve ourselves and our product line. We want to do the very best for you that we possibly can.

•    We refuse to compromise on quality or safety. By the time a product makes it to our store, it has been tried, tested and researched and developed for years.

•    We continuously research and consider every product we offer. We want to share our knowledge with you, and are always available for any questions you may have.


Our mission is a simple one - we want to blow you away by the beauty, individuality and cost effectiveness of your goods, but at the same time we want to keep your hard earned money in your pocket - we consciously don’t charge as much as other companies doing similar things, because it is not our goal to fill our pockets at your expense.. we’d rather create a long lasting relationship with you, and be environmentally conscious and protect our planet and your children at the same time.


Sustainabilty is important to us -  we are building a world which the babies of today will inherit in less than 18 years.


Our goals


•    We want to surprise and delight you. We want you to walk away after every purchase feeling excited, satisfied and convinced you have bought the very best for your child. We love to hear about every single one of our parents and our babies, and learn how serve your needs in the best, most professional way. If somehow you don’t have that experience with us and we fall short, then please tell us, because we too never stop learning and fine tuning how we do do things.


•    We spend your money like we were spending our own. Every single cent matters to us, because that’s money you can invest in your child’s education.


•    Tempting as it is it (and it is so tempting!) we don’t spend huge money on packaging, as ultimately, that cost is always passed down to the customer, and we detest waste which, even if recycled, would increase our carbon footprint.


•    We don’t do gimmicks. We stock products because they serve an important purpose in mom/baby’s life, and all our goods are items moms and tots shouldn’t have to live without.


•    We will never stock anything that is unethically made or distributed. Wherever possible, we source locally and use local labour, preferably from people suffering from intellectual or physical disabilities. If we do need to import products, we only use the most reputable of suppliers, and insist on full, official certification of raw materials.


•    We pride ourselves on being knowledgable about the products we stock. If you ever have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to share them with us: what’s Suzy on 083 357 3935, or email You can also get in touch with us through the chat facility on the website.


Sending love and light,


Suzy and Frank


I got my teether and teething rattle, and I am completely in love! Baby SERIOUSLY loves them too - he’s giving them some serious gum action! Thank you for your incredible service - you were a joy to deal with and it was such pleasant experience, and my parcel arrived so quickly! Thank you again - I will be back for more very soon!


Helen W.

I got my playgym this morning and I can’t stop staring at it - its insanely beautiful. Thank you for such professional service and for being so lovely! Can’t wait to buy more!


Rayleigh M.

I just love dealing with you - you are so kind and always give me such incredible service and your product knowledge is incredible.

 Jocylyn R.

I have tried every other dummy under the sun, and baby refused them all. I was at my wits end until I i tried Bibs dummies and baby took to them immediately! They are absolutely brilliant. And so was your service - thank you for your incredible patience, kindness and for getting these so fast!


Julia L.

Your products are amazing, and your service has been absolutely amazing- thank you for your advice and time, and for having my package delivered so fast!


Lucille H.

I got my goodies - I could not love them more! They look even better in real life than in the pictures (and I didn’t think that was possible! You service is outstanding, and I’ll be back very soon! Thank you again,


Francine D.

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