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We stock the leading Nordic brand dummies, Frigg. Not because we want to be posh, but because we love their design and functionality. We also love that they are designed with your peace of mind at the forefront of what they deliver. They only use the highest quality materials and and production standards, ensuring your baby's safety and happiness at all times. Read more about this great brand below.


More About Our Dummies

Frigg Dummies

In Norse mythology, the goddess Frigg is associated with foresight and wisdom, so it’s no wonder that she’s also the goddess of mothers. A loving, nurturing deity, she cherished her children and sought to protect them at all costs.

Inspired by both her stories and the elegance of Scandinavian design, we soon created FRIGG, a line of Danish-crafted baby products made to fit seamlessly and stylishly into our daily lives. All Frigg products are made exclusively in Denmark, and designed with safety and beauty in mind—and intended to promote health and wellness for babies. With clean lines, warm colors, and non-toxic materials, their products can bring peace and beauty to your growing family.

Help your baby learn to self-soothe with our pacifiers. They’re curved to keep clear of your baby’s delicate skin, while features like air holes and a security handle ensure your baby stays safe.

FRIGG pacifiers have an elegant, functionalistic shape where every little detail serves a purpose. FRIGG is designed with the child’s need for comforting as the primary goal, and it is made from only the best and most environmentally friendly materials available.

With a minimalist design, all pacifiers feature an outward curve to keep the pacifier off your baby's skin along with air holes and a security handle to ensure your baby stays safe.

About Frigg Dummies:

  • Help your baby learn to self-soothe with Frigg Dummies. They’re curved to keep clear of your babies delicate skin, whole features like air holes and a security handle ensure your baby stays safe.

  • 100% free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates

  • The Frigg dummies are mimic both the shape and softness of mothers breast, which supports your babies natural instincts.

  • Their classic appearance captures a look that is both timeless and elegant.

  • The round nipple shape is recommended by pediatric chiropractors and maternity hotels in Denmark.

  • Each dummy is produced with a stretch and vacuum test.

  • Complies with the European Standard EN1400 + A2 test.


Directions & Care  

  • Sterilize the dummy by putting it into boiling water for 5 minutes before the first use. Allow to coil down. The dummies can get water into the nipple because of the vent hole. Simply squeeze the dummy gently to remove the water.

  • Clean and sterilize the dummies daily before each use by scalding. Do not use microwave sterilising or cleaning products (even the dishwasher) as it will break down the nipple.

  • Renew the dummy after using it for 4-6 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons.

  • If the child - by mistake - has got the dummy too far in the mouth, remove the dummy gently. The design is made to ensure the child will not suffocate.


For your child’s safety -Inspect carefully before each use. Pull the dummy in all directions. Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness. Only use dedicated dummy holders tested to EN 12586.

DO NOT store in direct sunlight.

Please note that, due to hygiene reasons, we are not permitted to accept returns of dummies.

Should I choose Latex or Silicone dummies for my baby?


Friggs latex and silicone size 1 = Bibs size 2 … absolutely suitable from birth until weaning. (We know this from years of experience!)

Friggs size 2 = between a Bibs size 2 and 3, so suitable from one year and up 

We’ve been asked so many times about the differences between silicone and latex dummies, what’s better, and why should you choose one over the other.

The short answer is, it almost always comes down to personal choice, save in the case of an actual latex allergy. Some parents prefer one look over another, some babies prefer that teat or this fit.

Choosing one over the other can be a bit of a confusing, so we put together a list after working with literally thousands of babies over the years, detailing what we think are the major factors worth considering when choosing between the two..

That doesn’t mean you can’t have both though! 

• Latex is a natural product derived from the rubber   tree. It’s flexible, relatively eco friendly and most commonly available.

• It has a medium shelf life and should be replaced  every 4 weeks. Any longer, and there’s a real  danger it will stretch to the point where your baby  rejects ALL new dummies as he/she no longer  recognizes the shape. This can lead to a massive  problem: suddenly you’re unable to soothe baby.

•From a safety perspective, cracked, bitten or torn  latex is a breeding field for bacteria, so latex  dummies should be checked for damage before  each and every use.

*All babies, even the fusiest of the fussiest, seem to take Friggs latex dummies - we do not know of a  baby who has rejected one to date. 

• While silicone is produced from sand, it is not    technically a natural product, as it goes through a  more complex manufacturing process, making it  more sterile, easier to clean and far more durable  than latex. It is much better for the environment as  silicone is biodegradable.

• Silicone is a harder material to latex, so does feel  different to a latex dummy, but we haven’t found  this substantially decreases the adoption rate -  most babies still take to it happily.

• Silicone doesn’t stretch, discolour or become  sticky like latex does, and come in a wide variety  of shapes and styles that are flatter and more  ‘orthodontically friendly’ for baby. They shouldn't  be used for longer than 6 weeks, even though they  are made from medical grade silicone, as cracks,  tears and bite marks can still produce breeding  grounds for germs. 

• Both materials are 100% BPA free, a legal requirement since 1999.

• Always choose a dummy that has been  extensively safety tested, like Friggs, and has the  correct ventilation holes to prevent choking. Unlike  other competitors like Bibs, Friggs’s unique  designs keeps the dummy from rubbing against  baby’s nose. 

Whichever you choose, remember to sterilize your dummies by washing them regularly in warm water (avoiding sterilizer) and ensure you check for damage before each use.


Tip: give the teat a gentle tug before use to make sure it doesn’t come loose, and be sure not to exceed the recommended life span of each material.

Silicone vs Latex
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