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"Play is really the work of childhood" - Fred Rogers



At Chelsea Bun, we celebrate the magic of childhood with beautiful things that encourage imagination in young minds, exploration in young hands, and a love of learning in young hearts (and those young at heart).

The magic of play cannot be defined; – it is a simple, heart-soaring happiness, a place at the culmination of imagination where curiosity, creativity and ingenuity meet.

Play brings joy, security, self esteem, and trust in our environment. My goal is to bring you extraordinary playthings that engage both adult and children’s minds alike, and in their simplicity, to deliver the message of values my parents stood for: honesty, integrity, loyalty, kindness and tolerance.

Our unique take on products aim to show parents how developmental tools could (and should) be multi-functional. We believe this can be achieved without sacrificing function over form. There is no reason why beautiful things cannot be learning tools, and vice versa. You do not need to have “one of everything” – a cleverly designed, small collection of toys and tools should be all you need.

Chelsea Bun aims for function to meet form beautifully, and turn the practical into endless possibility, while your young ones get a head start in this funny old game we call life!

We use local materials, local produce, and a local labour force – local is most definitely better, and we are so grateful for your support.

We specialise in Dummies, Dummy Clips, Teethers, Developmental Toys and Silicone Products.

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