These developmental stackers are made of substantial triangular silicone shapes, that easily stack on top on one each other (as opposed to the nesting rainbow stackers). Made of 100% medical grade silicone, these are anti bacterial and anti fungal (and of course plastic, BPA and phthalatee free), and these encourage  EQ, IQ and so improve fine motor coordination and colour recognition. A versatile toy for ages 2 - 48 months.- Improves hand-eye coordination- Develops fine    motor skills- Encourages problem solving skills and    independent play- Safe to chew on, so help with sore gums- “Open eded toy", meaning limitless possibiliies     for out of the box creative thinking!- These toys helps your baby explore object    permanence and the destruction on objects,    which helps babies establish their relationship to    their external environment, which in turn      promotes feelings of self confidence and self    worth. Made exclusively from 100% Food grade silicone that is BPA free, Cadmium free, Lead free and Phthalates free.Free from chemicals and plastic, so perfect for little ones to chew and relive those teething pains. Perfect for anywhere, any time structured or unstructured play - use them day to day in the garden, the house or even in the bath or sandpit!Disclaimer: Please be aware that wear and tear may take place over time. Check before every use, and discard immediately if signs are detected.

Chelsea Bun 6 Colour Triangular Silicone Stacker

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  • To clean, simply was under soapy water and leave to air dry - no need to worry about disintegrating or splintering wood.