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These developmental puzzles are made of substantial round silicone shoes that easily and snugly fit into a shape board.

Made of 100% medical grade silicone, these are anti bacterial and anti fungal (and of course plastic, BPA and phthalatee free), so are perfectly safe for curious mouths to explore!

A versatile toy for ages 6 - 48 months

- Improves hand-eye coordination

- Develops fine motor skills

- Encourages colour and pattern regoniton- -Encourages problem solving skills and

independent play, which support the

development of both IQ and EQ

-Safe to chew on, so help with sore gums and act

as teethers

- These toys help your baby explore the fitting and

recognition of shapes, helping hugely with puzzle

solving abilities and giving your baby the best

educational head start in life.Disclaimer: Please

be aware that wear and tear may take place over


Check before every use, and discard immediately if signs are detected.Perfect for anywhere, any time structured play - use them day to day in the garden, the house or even in the bath or sandpit!

Chelsea Bun Silicone 12 Shape Puzzle

R420.00 Regular Price
R357.00Sale Price
  • Care: simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

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