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These waterproof, foldable eco-friendly and ever-so-easy to clean silicone feeding bucket bibs are larger than your average silicone feeding bib, so are far more effective at catching at spills and messes.

They fit snugly at the neck as the size is adjustable, so they cover all exposed bits of baby not normally covered by conventional feeding bibs, and the “bucket” (the bottom of the feeding bib that is open and raised, creating a space where food and liquids are caught, instead of ending up on baby or on the floor) is larger, wider and deeper, and catches so much more spillage than other silicone feeding bibs do!

BEST FOR BABY (silicone does not contain a single chemical),

BEST FOR THE ENVIRONMENT(silicone completely biodegradable and recyclable),


BEST FOR YOUR BUDGET (silicone lasts longer than its plastic or material counterparts, and Chelsea is the cheapest providers by far of all silicone feeding items, silicone toys and silicone and latex pacifiers/dummies)!

The excellent quality and four button design of these silicone feeding bibs means they can be used for far longer than other silicone feeding bibs, as they fit all little people - from babies just beginning thier journey into solids, to four/five year olds!

Also, our silicone feeding bibs are much cheaper and far larger than the silicone feeding bibs sold at Woolworths. Bonus :)

We pride ourselves on our low prices and even price match identical items if you find them anywhere else for less.

* Occasionally, sale items - for example. a clearance sale, where companies are getting rid of stock for below market value, are exempt from this offer, but we try our upmost to always honour this.

PLUS - find an identical silicone feeding bin cheaper anywhere else, we’ll not only match that price, but we’ll give you a FREE teether toy (or age appropriate gift) too!

* 11 of these gorgeous colours have matching silicone bowls (with or without lids), silicone spoons, bamboo spoon and fork sets, silicone suction plates, sippy cups and toothbrushes - the absolute best items on the market for your little ones' firsts steps into eating solid foods independently


⭐️About the product⭐️


Our Silicone Bucket Bibs come in 16 beautiful, trendy colours.


Free from plastic and BPA’s: in fact, free from any chemicals at all!


Not only are these bibs super-soft and silky, making them oh so comfy to wear for little ones, but they made of the highest grade of silicone, and are thicker and more durable than other bibs.


They are anti-bacterial, eco-friendly as the are manufactured without any chemicals and are plastic free, and are easily washable.


Our bibs are made of medical-grade silicone and can be washed in the dishwasher, or simply wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Each bib has a 4 button/4 hole system, making them completely adjustable for little ones starting out their food journey up until approximately 4 years of age. The bib section is moulded to fit around your little one’s body and the bucket catches any crumbs and food that might be dropped. (Saving you HOURS and so much money on laundry!!)


These bibs clean throughly, quickly, and then roll straight up into the bucket section, making them super easy to transport in nappy bags.


Made of 100% medical grade silicone

BPA free, Cadmium free, Lead free and Phthalates free.


Free from toxic chemicals and plastic.

Silicone Feeding Bibs for babies and toddlers

SKU: SKU 672
R110.00 Regular Price
R82.50Sale Price
  • Care: simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

    Dishwasher safe (top drawer)

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