Discounted by R30!

Personalize your own clip with your baby’s name!

This allows you to create a unique teething dummy clip, that not only looks beautiful and has your little ones name on it, but is functional too - no more dropped and dirty dummies/pacifiers, and all clips are designed to be teething aids as well - baby can safely chew on the clip, and silicone is proven to not only aid with the pain of teething, but actually speed up the teething process!

How to order:

Enter your details, and be sure to add the correct name and number of letters in the name..

we price per letter bead so you don’t have to pay a cent more than you have to - silicone letter beads are EXTREMELY expensive and cost much more than normal silicone beads.

R210 (discounted by R30 until the end of the month, so R180