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Create your perfect dummy clip with both your baby’s name and your choice of colours and finishes!

Create a unique dummy clip, that not only looks beautiful, but is functional too - no more dropped and dirty dummies/pacifiers, and all our dummy clips can be used as teething aids! Made completely of medical grade silicone, can safely chew on the clip, and silicone is proven to not only aid with the pain of teething, but actually speed up the teething

Medical grade, plastic free silicone beads, with or without fun and stylish cartoons, spell out your baby’s name, while being both functional and completely safe for baby to chew.

Made entirely of certified medical grade silicone (the absolute highest quality silicone available in the world), our silicone a higher quality than most, and is completely chemical and plastic free.

Our silicone is also hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti fungal.

All our dummy clips, teethers and dummies meet European Union Safety standards: made with built-in safety features, they are the correct length and width so as not to pose the additional choking hazards other dummy clips, teethers and dummies do.

How to order:

Enter your details, and be sure to add the correct name and number of letters in the name..

we price per letter bead so you don’t have to pay a cent more than you have to - silicone letter beads are EXTREMELY expensive and cost much more than normal silicone beads.

The base price includes two letter beads, and the price of each additional letter bead thereafter is calculated by the site - giving you the total for the particular name you want.

Plastic clips cost R10 extra, wooden clips R20 extra.

Once you’ve you’ve placed your order and added it to your cart, you will be emailed a form (also available under the “buy now” button) , which will ask you your specific wishes in terms of colors, cartoons etc - simply choose from the many options and press ”submit”, and we’ll make your perfect, unique clip for you!

Personalized Silicone Dummy Clip

SKU: SKU 928
R259.00 Regular Price
R220.15Sale Price
  • Please complete this customisation form so we get your order perfect.


  • Simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

    Do not submerge any wood for any period of time in water, as it will swell and ruin the finish.

    If you prefer the treated look, beeswax or even olive oil will give the wood depth of colour and an incredible sheen.

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