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In line with our Chelsea Bun brand promise, this is a multifunctional item - both beautiful and practical at the same time!

Entirely hand crocheted in imported organic, 100% cotton, this blanket serves four puposes at the same time, making your money go that so much further and providing you with essential time and functions!

1) It has a 5.5cm beachwood ring in on corner, so it can be firmly attached to cots and prams, or held in little hands (it is the perfect size for a baby's grasp) - beachwood is one of only two woods FDA approved for teething babies, so if you have a teething tot, so this also provides the perfect place to cut little teeth and helps to soothe the teething process.

2) The texture of the blanket also soothes babies should they chose to suck on it, and it acts as a security blanket - babies become attached to certain items from birth, and this is the perfect, eco friendly blanket in an amazing size (its big enough to be commutable, but small enough to easily fit into nappy bags) to soothe your baby from birth until 6 years of age.

3) The opposite corner has a firm "tag and stay” system in place onto which your dummy can be attached with an extra strong pop stud, ensuring you always know where your pacifier is, even if your tot is in the habit of spitting them out. Say goodbye to loosing your precious Friggs and Bibs dummies!

4) The material itself is super soft and yet incredibly absorbent, so takes on drool and spit caused by eating and teething perfectly - it draws it away from baby’s face, allowing your little one to remain clean and dry in the wettest of situations. It is oh-so-easy to wash, and dries super quickly.

If you’ve ever tried to separate baby from his filthy favourite blankie or toy on washing day, you’ll know the tantrums and pains of an inconsolable child…

That’s why many many parents get a bunny eared teether, or two, so when one becomes too saturated to use, the other can be substituted in without any fuss from baby.

Most of my parents pair these with our “My First Lovey”, which is made of identical yarn, also has the beachwood ring that acts as a grip for baby, but is far bigger and more suitable for really heavy saliva absorption.

Whether you choose to get one, or even two, of the bunny eared teethers to team up with one or two up with the My First Lovies, depends entirely on your child, how the teething process effects him, and your own preferences, but because they are all made from exactly the same, soft, silly and

soothing materials, and have the same wooden parts with the same texture, you can be assured that baby is not going to get upset over any substitutions, as the texture and familiarity of both products completely reduces tantrums when one or the other is removed to be washed - ultimately, baby still has the textures, softness and structure that he finds so reassuring, and much heartbreak is avoided!

Please allow for up to three weeks for each to be made, as they are completely handmade, although we always try to have them completed way before that time. ❤️

Hadbrbmsde My First Lovey/Dummy Holder/ Teething Ring - 3 in 1i Blanket

R329.00 Regular Price
R246.75Sale Price
  • Easy to clean - simply hand wash in warm water and leave to air dry.

    Tip: try not to leave the wooden ring submerged in water for too long if you don’t treat it with beeswax or similar - this would cause the wood, like any other, to expand and lose its finish.

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