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There are hours of fun to be had with our Mushie Cup Stackers!

Made by the company thats revolutionizing baby items worldwide and is a worldwide phenomenon- Mushie.

A versatile toy for ages 0 - 48 months.

We are THRILLED to continue in our commitment to offer you the very best quality products, at the absolute lowest prices on the market!

The shapes stack onto one another, and like all our products, are of the best quality and serve multiple purposes:

- They are teethers for itchy gums

- They encourage fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination development

- They stimulate creative play, and being anti bacterial and anti fungal, they can be used anywhere from the bath, to the sandpit, to the bedroom!

- They teach your little one about different colours and sizes, so help with language formation.

Free from BPA’s, plastic, PVC, Phthalates, lead,

Mercury, Calcifium, AND latex!

(We could go on with functions and benefits, as it’s really a long list, but lets leave it there for now 😃)

AND they are dishwasher safe, and do not require sterilization - a simple soapy water wash is silifficent to make them safe and hygienic enough to go in the mouth of your babe.


To clean, simply wash with warm soapy water and allow to airdry.

What's Included: Set of 8x stacking cups.

To read more about Mushie:

Mushie Stacking Cups

R499.00 Regular Price
R424.15Sale Price
  • Simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

  • Find this item cheaper anywhere else in SA and we’ll

    not only match that price, we’ll give you a free age appropriate gift!

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