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“My playgym came out even better than I could ever have expected. I’m speechless - it’s perfection. THANK YOU for taking my ideas and coming up with a design that I will love and keep forever. Thank you also for the huge amount of time and love that went into these - I cannot believe the detail you put into each one, and how perfect those details are!!”

“I just can’t get over the toys - the detail and how beautifully stitched they are!!! It’s my favourite thing in our nursery, and we have used it every day since Leo came home. I love how easy it is to carry around the house or take outside - even now, a year later, it keeps Leo completely occupied for hours each day and I get time to do the things I need to do. Its a godsend.”

“We’ve used your playgym EVERY DAY .. my son is STILL is mesmerized by his animals, and it was a GAMECHANGER at changing and tummy time - he hated both until the playgym arrived!

When little, we used the toys off the gym as pram toys when we were out (he loved their noises!), then as later as teething toys, and now he’s bigger, as normal toys.

We were thrilled with the GORGEOUS second set of toys we recently had made for him in a different theme. (I LOVE we could buy a set of toys without having to buy another frame, and they were SUCH excellent value!!) Now we always have toys hanging on our playgym, and another set in the toy box! The ones in the toy box are STILL played with daily.

Your work is absolutely EXQUISITE, and every single friend I have gifted one of your playgyms has been over the MOON - they are the absolute perfect, personalized baby shower gift (and they look much more expensive than they are!) Thank you again - you truly have a gift. For as long as my friends can keep having babies, I will keep ordering these as gifts!”

“I wanted to thank you again being so talented and realizing my dream design, somehow understanding exactly what I wanted, even though I know it wasn’t an easy thing to explain, let alone do!

Your playgyms are the best in SA (I did a LOT of research!) and nothing compares to the benefits they offer- the best value ever!

Thank you, for the bottom of my heart, for the massive amount of time and care you put into making Max’s gym so perfect, right down to the tiniest of details. I will be placing my order soon for Max’s little sibling, due in six months…. And yes, I will again be designing the room around the playgym, and not the other way round!”

“Unlike others I looked at, the frames of your playgyms are so stable and safe because of your completely unique design-that was initial reason we chose you to make ours.

However, the finished product exceeded our expectations completely…it totally blew us away! It was everything I wanted and hoped for, and more.

You took my vague ideas and somehow pulled them into the most gorgeous theme that we extended to her whole room, where her playgym is displayed. We’ve used it every single day since she was born. I couldn’t imagine life without it, especially as she gets older, and stronger, and wrigglier! Not only is it so so beautiful, it is worth it’s weight in gold - changing and tummy time are a breeze with it. I’ve just ordered another one for downstairs, and I wish I could have one in every room - each one is a piece of art!”

About our playgyms:

These were the very first product we made, and it’s because of them that Chelsea Bun was born.

We have made over 1,000 playgyms since then, and through trial and error have enhanced and fine tuned them into the 100%’ developmentally focused, baby proof, securely-framed beauties they are now.

Our incredibly unique playgyms are very specifically and intentionally designed (with the help of an OT) to be multifunctional in so many ways… a single product that is the source of many major learnings for little ones.

Beautifully decorative, they are also used as developmental activity aids and changing mat mobiles, making it easier to change newborns and older, more mobile babies, as the dangles (dangles are hanging toys you add to a frame) fascinate and mesmerize, calming and reducing motion during changes by encouraging baby to focus on something above him.

Used during tummy time, or on his back, baby develops muscle tone and control, especially in the neck, abdominals, back and arms - all essential gross motor skills your baby needs to thrive.

Movements like holding up the head, stretching, reaching and grabbing, scooting, the “pincer grip” (holding an object between thumb and forefinger)- and many other essential fine and gross motor skills all babies must learn in order to use their hands and hold up their heads and bodies, are all specifically and intentionally triggered by our playgyms.

Did you know that children who play with toys that stimulate three or more senses simultaneously, have higher IQs and display greater emotional maturity as adults?

Thats why each individual dangle is designed to produce sensory responses-each make different sounds (some crackle, some tinkle, some rattle, some shake) and they all feel different to touch.

If you want baby to experience all five senses at once, add a smell or taste you think baby would enjoy to any dangle - simply dab onto a small corner of the dangle, and rinse afterwards with warm soapy water and allow to air dry.)

Each playgym comes with four interactive, handsewn, baby-proof dangles of your design.

All small parts are sewn on the inside of the dangles, which are on splinter-free, maple wood rings (one of the only two types of wood proven to AID the teething process), so dangles can be taken from the playgym if not in use, and given directly to baby to use as a teether or toy.

No glues, toxic paints or chemicals are used in the making of the gyms, and all dangles are completely hand sewn.

Some designs require five or six dangles to complete the effect: additional dangles can be bought cheaply on the website (use the search bar for “Additional Dangles for Developmental Changing Mat Mobile”).

Dangles are available without eyes/faces.

We live to bring your unique theme and design to life. If you’re not 100% sure about the design you’d like, chat to us! We’d be more than happy to give input. (We also make matching hanging mobiles to go over cribs/cots etc - use the “chat to us” in the lower right hand corner of website to get in touch - if we’re not online at that very moment, you’ll get a reply via email soon!) pop

Please allow for up to 24 days for each gym to be made, as they are made to order- obviously we try wherever possible to have them ready in the fastest possible time.

Gyms stand 30cm high and 60cm wide, but the width is adjustable so that fit over any sized changing mat perfectly. Should you want a gym to accommodate a larger area, or for twins, please let us know and we’ll be able to accommodate you.

You can also design a matching hanging mobile for above your cot/sleeping basket/pod -

Simply visit the “Hanging Felt Cot Mobiles” product in this section.

Each gym takes an enormous amount of work to completely, and we should be charging twice what we do - however, Chelsea Buns’ promise is to bring you single toys that have as many uses as possible, at the lowest possible prices, and we would rather you invest in your child’s education than pay us fortunes, so we make these for the love of them, and the absolute belief in the importance of multifunctional educational toys for even the youngest of babies.

* All playmats and additional toys, blankets,

dummies etc are for photographic purposes only

and are not included.

Some are available for purchase on the website -

Please let us know if you have any questions

regarding these.

As these are fairly large, shipping will be slightly more than normal - R75 to R120, but we will work out the best rate and charge the bare minimum - we promise!

Custom Designed Developmental Playgyms

SKU: SKU 1540
R1,150.00 Regular Price
R1,035.00Sale Price
  • Simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

    Do not submerge any wood for any period of time in water, as it will swell and ruin the finish.

    If you prefer the treated look, beeswax or even olive oil will give the wood depth of colour and an incredible sheen.

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