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We are beyond excited and proud to finally introduce our incredible Chelsea Bun kitty drinking cups! After a full year of product research and development, our cups are finally ready to exceed your wildest expectations!


These semi-soft sippy cups are the perfect cross-over between a bottle and a solid drinking cup.Baby can regulate the flow of liquids with his/her own hands, which encourages independent feeding and self confidence.


Made of FDA approved, quadruple certified, food grade silicone of the absolute highest quality, these cups are 100% BPA free and contain no phthalates, plastics or nasty chemicals.

Not only that, but they are anti fungal and anti bacterial, meaning they don’t need sterilizing-simply wash with soap and water. (Although they are also dishwasher safe so don’t require any extra washing up - being a mom is  work enough - ain’t nobody got time for extra washing up!)


This cup has two handles, instead of the standard single handle, which makes learning to drink so much easier for your baby: they encourage grasping, grabbing and holding actions, and teach your baby to drink independently.



The texture of the kitty pattern adds extra stimulation for enquiring little minds, and helps with tactile and visual learning.

The lid fits snugly on the cup, so will not leak or spill even when turned upside down, which means no more spilt drinks over your furniture, floor, pram (and baby)!


Read more about our preorder policy (Please scroll down to Pre-order Policy).


About the Product

  • Made from 100% certified, food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher & Microwave safe
  • Non toxic: does not contain Bisphenol-A, plastics or phthalates
  • Anti leak and anti spill
  • Liquid capacity: 170ml

Chelsea Bun Silicone Kitty Drinking Cup

R289.00 Regular Price
R231.20Sale Price
  • Care: simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

  • Find the same item cheaper anywhere else and we’ll

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