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Chelsea Bun is the largest stockist of FRiGG dummies/pacifiers in Southern Africa.

Help your baby self-soothe and dream of adventures spanning heights and depths with the FRIGG Rope pacifier.

The inspiration of a rope is clear in the design of the pacifier, as a thin rope encircles the shield, and a thicker rope is used as the handle.

Please note that all latex dummies expand, so the teat may look small at first glance, but will continue to expand with time.


The Rope pacifier takes the thoughtful design of the classic pacifier and adds in a whimsical, charming and more practical design.


About Frigg Dummies:

Help your baby learn to self-soothe with Frigg Latex Nipple Dummies.

They’re curved to keep clear of your babies delicate skin, while features like air holes and a security handle ensure your baby stays safe.

100% free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates

The Frigg dummy mimics both the shape and softness of mothers breast, which supports your babies natural instincts to suckle.

The round nipple shape (cherry dummies, as they are known) are recommended by pediatric chiropractors and maternity hospitals in all over the world .


Each dummy is produced with a stretch and vacuum test, and complies with the European Standard EN1400 + A2 test.

Directions and Care

Sterilize the dummy by putting it into boiling water for 5 minutes before the first use.

Allow to cool down.

The dummies will take water into the nipple because of the vent hole.

Simply squeeze the nipple gently to remove the water.

Repeat daily to clean before each use by using boiling water.

Do not use microwave sterilising or cleaning products (even the dishwasher) as it will break down the nipple.

Replace the dummy after using it for 4 weeks (latex has a shorter life span the silicone) for safety and hygiene reasons.

If, by mistake, your child has got the dummy too far in the mouth, remove the dummy gently.

The design is made to ensure the child will not suffocate.


For your child’s safety:

Inspect carefully before each use.

Pull the dummy in all directions.

Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.

Only use dedicated dummy holders tested to EN 12586.

DO NOT store in direct sunlight.


Please note that, due to hygiene reasons, we are not permitted to accept returns of any dummy/pacifier.

Bibs Classic Colour Range Dummy Single - Size 1 (0 - 6 months)

R149.00 Regular Price
R144.00Sale Price
  • Sterilise each pacifier before use.
    Place the pacifiers in a clean and heat resistant bowl and pour boiling water over them.
    Leave in the water for 5 minutes and let them dry on a clean towel afterwards.
    Use the towel to press excess water out of the nipple.
    Do not use a pacifier that shows any changes in colour or irregularities of pacifier, because it is made of natural rubber, the nipple may expand a bit with use.
    We recommend that pacifiers be used for 6 weeks due to hygienic reasons.
    For hygiene reasons, we do not offer any return or exchange on the pacifiers.

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