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Say goodbye to bulky, hard plastic buckets that break after two uses!These oh-so-beautiful buckets come with a matching spade and four cut out toys - perfect great for building sand and dirt shapes.. providing hours and hours of creative and mostly unsupervised play.. a complete win for the busy mom.

These silicone buckets can be squished, squashed, bent, folded and rolled up without ever losing shape!

The bucket can be used for anything, anywhere, anytime and is great for carrying water, building sandcastles, picking fruit and vegetables, weeding, washing your car and countless other task!

Made from food-grade silicone, the bucket sets are easily washable, non-toxic, strong and durable, and will 'scrunch' up small enough to fit in your pocket or luggage.

This is not your average bucket - not only will you be the envy of the beach, but these will last you for years to come.

13cms high (without rope handle), 24cms high with handle, 10cms dia. base x 15.5 cms dia. across the top.

Made of non-toxic, food grade silicone (LFGB approved) bucket and a rope handle

205 grams capacity (1.5 liters)

Silicone Beach/Bath Buckets and Toy sets

R585.00 Regular Price
R497.25Sale Price
  • Care: simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

    Do not submerge any wood for any period of time in water, as it will swell and ruin the gloss finish of the beads and clip.

    If you prefer the treated look, beeswax or even olive oil will give the wood depth of colour and an incredible sheen.

  • Find this item cheaper anywhere else in SA and we’ll

    not only match that price, we’ll give you a free age appropriate gift!

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