Please note that all pods are completely handmade and take around 21 days to complete, (although we always endeavour to have them finished sooner).

If you need one urgently, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you- we can’t promise but we’ll always try to accommodate you.

Thank you for your understanding! ♥️

The Chelsea Bun Baby Nest is not only GORGEOUS (available in 15 different breathtaking 100% cottonprint options and countless dangle combinations), but are the perfect addition to every nursery, (in fact, every room in the house): the lightweight, easy-to-manipulate-and-fold design means you can move your nest easily from room to room, inside and outside the house, from your house to other houses.. in fact, they can go anywhere you’re planning on putting baby down!

We know that putting down a young bub from your arms can be a challenge, so our nests are specifically designed to make baby feel safe and secure.

Did you know that children who play with toys that stimulate two or more senses simultaneously, have higher IQs and display greater emotional maturity as adults? Give your baby an incredible head start in life by stimulating these senses with Toni less than six dangles to stare at and play with.

Each nest comes with a beautifully soft and comfortable mattress, raised with extra padding on all sides, so that your little one can’t roll out.

This provides baba with a sense of security and snugness from the perfect balance of containment and room with move, and gives you complete peace of mind that your little one is safely ensconced!

Not only do our nests make baby feel safe and happy, they also provide mental, aural and visual stimulation from the six toy dangles that come with each pod. (Most other pods on the market come with only three or four dangles - read on as to why we include more.)

The detachable, overlapping cross bars are very easy to assemble, and padded so no risk of bumping soft little heads.

The mattress of the nest can also be used as a pod - simply remove the cross bars for perfect tummy time experiences, or peaceful nap times. They really do take the tears out of tummy time (for both baby and parents)!

The six toy dangles on the cross- bars are all mounted on splinter free wooden rings, and are completely handsewn and free from all toxic chemicals (like glue and paint).

The toy dangles have no external small parts, and are completely safe to detach from the crossbars and use as independent toys. (They are especially useful when baby is teething!)

Each dangle looks and feels different to the next, providing sensory stimulation that increases both IQ and EQ.

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