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Our pastel silicone rainbow stackers make for fun, stimulating and educational play time!


Made of 100% medical grade silicone are not only gorgeous additions to any baby’s room, these are anti bacterial and anti fungal (and of course plastic, BPA and phthalatee free), and are better for slightly older babies.


A versatile toy for ages 6 - 56 months

-Improves hand-eye coordination

- Develops fine and gross motor skills, muscle control and both IQ and EQ

- Helps hugely with colour regoniton and language skills

- Encourages problem solving skills and independent play

- Safe to chew on

- “Open end toy", meaning limitless possibilities for out of the box creative thinking.

- Anti fungal and anti bacterial, taking the worry of baby exploring his/her environment using their mouth in the early months


Made exclusively from 100% Food grade silicone that is BPA free, Cadmium free, Lead free and Phthalates free.

This absence of chemicals and plastic make this perfect for little ones to chew and relive those teething pains.

Perfect for anywhere, any time structured play - use them day to day in the garden, the house or even in the bath or sandpit!

Best for baby and best for the environment- silicone is completely biodegradable!

What’s included: 6 stacking pieces.

Approximately 12.5cm x 6xm x 4cm.

6 Layer Rainbow Stacker

R459.00 Regular Price
R390.15Sale Price
  • Care: simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

  • Find this item cheaper anywhere else in SA and we’ll

    not only match that price, we’ll give you a free age appropriate gift!

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