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These feeding kits are the perfect start to babies move to solids.


Made from the strongest, highest quality 100% food grade silicone, each kit contains everything you and baby need to start the exciting world of weaning! The suction plate and bowl are crucial for keeping food off the floor, while the bucket bib keeps food off baby!


Strong and durable, these will last for years, and will grow with your little one - they are recommended for all children under the age of 5.


Free from all chemicals and toxins, silicone is literally clean enough to eat off every day.. the health benefits of plastic free eating instruments are massive. More and more research links plastic to cancers, serious histamine and allergic reactions, and long term immune system complications.


Hypoallergenic, anti- bacterial and anti fungal, silicone is the perfect substitute for harmful plastic!


Each silicone 10 piece mealtime kit contains

- bamboo and silicone spoon and fork

- silicone suction bowl

- silicone suction plate

- silicone bucket bib

- silicone cup with two lids- turn it into a sippy cup

  or a snack cup with the change of a lid!

- solid silicone spoon and fork


Made from 100% food grade silicone.

BPA, lead and chemical free.

Microwave and dishwasher (top shelf) safe.

10 Piece Everything-You-Need Delux Feeding Sets

R929.00 Regular Price
R743.20Sale Price
  • The best you can get when introducing solid foods!

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