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⭐️About the product⭐️


Our Silicone Divider Plates are made from 100% medical grade silicone - the certified highest quality, silicone available in the world, and once again we are proud to be able to offer you the very best quality at the absolute lowest prices, even when compared to other plates that are nowhere near as heavy, have relatively poor suction, are comparatively flismy and are not as well made or structured as ours.


Our plates are truly are in a class of their own.


And our silicone is miraculous. We detest plastic- the clear link to cancers and serious health

problems has been proven over and over, and it causes havoc to the environment: both in its production and in its lack of biodegradability.


Superbly made, these substantial suction plates weigh a surprisingly hefty 150g each, and have an incredible suction grip, sticking extremely firmly to any flat surface. We know the strength of a toddler is not something to be underestimated, so these are invaluable in preventing unnecessary mess and food ending up on the floor (and also preventing it on and around your child, if you are cleverly using owe of our silicone bucket bibs).


Your family is the most important thing to you, and therefore to us. We share your desire to give your children the best, safest and healthiest possible start to life.


This begins with zero chemical exposure (so no plastics, BPA’s, lead, mercury and phlalates etc)

immediately from birth, all the way to adulthood.


We keep our profit margins very low as we are so passionate about silicone and the health benefits it offers, especially if used from a young age, and so we want to make it accessible to everyone by keeping our profits low.


Normally, beware of suppliers who offer,

most often unwittingly, but sometimes fraudulently, claims to be selling FDA approved silicone, when in fact their silicone is anything but… its very thin when it goes into production is bulked up with fillers, which contain carcinogenic chemicals like BPAs, Lead, Sulphates, Phthalates etc.


Silicone is the ONLY man made material manufactured entirely without chemicals. And, unlike plastic, it is eco friendly due its chemical-free production, and being fully biodegradable.


It is also hypoallergenic, anti mould,

anti fungal, and anti bacterial, so there is no need for harsh cleaning agents or scouring items.


As all our products are pure silicone and do not have finishes like the other 99% of meal ware we are used to being exposed to, even if indents or scratches happen from knife cuts (we recommend always using silicone utensils over metal to keep your plate looking brand new) or harsh, abrasive cleaning items, it makes no difference to the functioning or safety of the product as there is no “finish” to be damaged - all that can happen is another layer of silicone will be exposed, but this will not compromise the essential hygienic properties and cleaning instructions.


These plates encourage your tot to be able to feed themselves independently, and take stress and mess out of weaning and the first few years of

independent eating.


We are the only company in SA who uses

only certified, Class VI or greater medical grade silicone (the highest possible grade of silicone, safe enough to be be implanted into and remain in the human body, with no chance of rejection) in all our products.


We have spent literally hundreds of thousands of rands on research and development, to bring you the best, safest product available anywhere.


From our our tiniest beads right up to our feeding sets and toys all are certified, and FDA approved, and manufactured without the use of, and Donnot contain, a single chemical.


Completely free of dangers like, BPA, plastic, lead, mercury, Parabens, bisephinal A (BPA), Tributyltin (TBT), Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA , or Teflon), Sulphates, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Sodium laureth sulfate, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Formaldehyde, or Phthalates, silicone is hardwearing and lasts longer than plastics.


It is also 100% dishwasher and microwave safe - even on high heat up to 200 degrees!


Available in 9 gorgeous colours, with matching silicone bowls (with or without lids)/bucket bibs/snack cups with lids/sippy cups and spoons, avail able, these are the perfect sets for your little ones' firsts steps into eating solid foods independently.


Hypoallergenic, anti fungal, anti bacterial and sterile!

Contains no BPA's, phlalates, mercury, lead.. in fact, it's entirely chemical free!


Dimensions:180mm x 180mm x 25mm (approx)

Silicone Bear Plate: Suction Plate and Spoon

R305.00 Regular Price
R244.00Sale Price
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