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Suitable from birth until weaning!

Made from 100% natural latex rubber, with a SilkySoft™ surface, FRIGG silicone pacifiers are available in both monochrome and mixed colors, and four different designs.

Chelsea Bun is the largest stockist of FRiGG dummies/pacifiers in Southern Africa.

With a round nipple shape, these are recommended by the pediatric community and maternity specialists all over the world.

The round pacifier resembles a mother’s breast in both shape and material. The explanation for this is that when the child is about to breastfed, the tongue rolls up around the nipple and creates a vacuum, which causes the milk to flow. When the child sucks on a round pacifier, it rolls its tongue around it the same way.

FRiGG Fairytale Pacifiers: All about Lovers .

The Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and his world-renowned fairy tales are popular for a reason. He is best known for his fairy tales for children, but as they show insight in human psychology they also speak to the minds of adults. His work often contains an implicit criticism of society and inequality due to social status, often based on his own experiences.

His fairy tales are more than just a happy ending; they portray real moral lessons through characters. On the surface they amuse and in depth they amaze, which makes his fairy tales relevant to both children and adults.

His fairy tales create a special parent-child bond when parents read them for their children, but they also build a universal language, which creates a bond between people around the world.

His fairy tales are timeless and can be read and understood on different levels by everyone. Our FRIGG Fairytale pacifier is inspired by 9 of his well-known fairy tales.

Each pacifier color is named by a fairy tale title which gives the pacifiers a touch of imagination.


Please note that, due to hygiene reasons, we are not permitted to accept returns of any dummy/pacifiers.

Frigg HanChristianAnderson “Fairytale” Latex Size 1 Pacifier (0 - 36 months)

R151.00 Regular Price
R141.00Sale Price
  • Sterilize your FRiGG dummy by putting it into boiling water for 5 minutes before the first use.

    Allow to cool down.

    The dummies will take water into the nipple because of the vent hole.

    Simply squeeze the nipple gently to remove the water.

    Repeat daily to clean before each use by using boiling water.

    Do not use microwave sterilising or cleaning products (even the dishwasher) as it will break down the nipple.

    Replace the dummy after using for 4

    weeks for safety and hygiene reasons.

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