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These developmental playgyms act as both gyms and changing mat mobiles, making it easier to change very new babies as they are fascinated by the dangles, and stay still during nappy changed, and as baby gets older they can be used as activity gyms.

Each toy dangle feels different to the next, and makes a different sound - some rattle, some crinkle, some tinkle, some shake - engaging your baby’s senses and helping them hit those milestone early, giving them the best possible headstart in life!


All toys are 100% hand sewn, and the frame 100% handmade. There are no small parts on the outside of the toys that could potentially harm your bundle of joy, so you can safely use all the toys as teething toys too! They are attached to rings and beads made of specific, non-splintering wood that has been found to assist in the teething process.


No glues or toxic chemicals have been used at any point in the process. Did you know that children who play with toys that stimulate three or more senses simultaneously, have higher IQs and display greater emotional maturity as adults? Give your baby an incredible head start in life.


The gyms stand 30cm high and 60cm wide, but the width is adjustable so that they fit over any sized changing mat perfectly.


The love, time and effort it takes to make one of these means we should be charging 50% more than we do, but Chelsea Buns’ brand promise is to bring you products that have as many uses as possible, at the lowest possible prices, keeping our profit margin to a minimum. We pride ourselves in being able to do that, and want you to be as as in love with your baby gym as we are!As these are fairly large, shipping will be slightly more than normal. But we will work out the best rate and charge the bare minimum - we promise!


These are already made and ready to go, so no need to wait 3 weeks for them to be made.. perfect for moms in a rush.

* All playmats and additional toys, blankets and dummies are for photographic purposes only and are not included.

Sale! Developmental Changing Mat Mobiles/Playgyms

R888.00 Regular Price
R799.20Sale Price
  • Simply give a quick rinse in warm water or wipe with a wet wipe, and allow to dry in a shaded area.

    Do not submerge any wood for any period of time in water, as it will swell and ruin the finish.

    If you prefer the treated look, beeswax or even olive oil will give the wood depth of colour and an incredible sheen.

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